A school for young carpenters

ECHO R&D is directly involved and finances charity projects in collaboration with the Italian association “OperAzione San Luigi Onlus” supporting international cooperation projects finalized to the education and formation. 
echoRD director, Mr. Davide Ceriani, and other Echo employees are members of the association OperAzione San Luigi Onlus, covering important roles and operating actively in the realization of the association activities.
The project, just completed, aims to realize a school in Madagascar which can train 80 local youths in order to provide them qualified knowledge and professional skills in carpentry.
This educational project seeks to enable young generations to build a more st able and solid future.
The Andasibè region is covered by a wide forest area ,where houses are built on wood and metal sheet.
Through the realization of this project we could give youths the possibility to access easily the local business through a valuable professional skills. Our project is based on a strong relation between the association and the new school. This relation will be based on scholarships for most valuable students. Benefits will be given also in form of working tools and machine. This equipment will enable youth to start their own business after the completion of studies.