About us - Who we are


echoRD realizes design, supply and installation of  turnkey integrated solutions
for Laboratory and workshops in the field of Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining, Iron & Steel and Power.
The first goal in the echoRD mission is customer satisfaction.
We guarantee the utmost care in selecting suppliers and their products;
We dedicate our skills to quality and customer satisfaction, and continuous updating and improvement of management techniques;
We develop a working reality with which we can prevail in the world market;
• We guarantee an excellent compromise between price and quality.


  • Responsability - Committed to ethical and responsible acrions
  • Excellence - Achieving high performance and excellent results
  • Innovation - Being innovative to create sustainable value

Workshop solutions

Laboratory solutions

•  Welding workshops •  Oil & Gas laboratories
•  Satellite workshop •  Painting laboratories
•  Carpentry workshops •  Direct reduction plant laboratories
•  Sandblasting and painting workshops •  Meltshop laboratories
•  General maintenance workshops •  Plate mill and bar mill laboratories
•  Valve workshops •  Heavy section mill laboratories
•  Instrument workshops •  Water treatment plant laboratories
•  Electrical workshops •  Instrumental analysis laboratories
•  Warehouse workshops •  Calibration laboratories
•  Vehicle workshops •  Industrial furnishings
•  Warehouses