echoENG will take part to the next edition of Steelfab

echoENG will take part to the next edition of Steelfab: the trade show for the metal working, metal facturing and steel fabrication industry. Steelfab is one of largest exhibition in the Middle East and Africa and will take place from 17th to 20th of January 2016 in Sharjah.

echoENG will be present with its wide range of Italian machine tools. Chip forming machines, sheet metal working machines and accessories service packages for mechanical maintenance machine shops and workshops.

A team of echoRD’s laboratory technicians and product specialists, will be available to meet you and deepen technical topics at booth no. 2041 in Hall 1.

echoLAB in SEFA

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echoLAB è entrato a far parte di SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association) in qualità di membro esecutivo.
SEFA è stata creata nel 1988 per far incontrare le esigenze dei progettisti di laboratorio e dei produttori di arredi da laboratorio. I membri di SEFA lavorano a stretto contatto con end users, architetti appaltatori e altri "attori" del laboratorio per promuovere l'obiettivo di creare un ambiente di lavoro sicuro e adeguato alle richieste degli utilizzatori.
Con l’ingresso in SEFA, echoRD (con i suoi brand echoLAB, echoENG, echoCONTROL) continua sulla strada del miglioramento e dell’eccellenza.

We announce that echoLAB became an executive member of SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association -
SEFA was organized in 1988 to meet the needs of an important industry of lab designers and manufacturers of laboratory furniture. SEFA's members work closely with laboratory owners, architects contractors and others to advance the goal of creating a safe lab environment.
With the entrance in SEFA, echoRD (with its brands echoLAB, echoENG, echoCONTROL) continues on the path of improvement and excellence.

echoRD alla EMO 2015

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echoRD sarà presente alla prossima edizione di EMO, che si terrà a Milano dal 5 al 10 ottobre 2015. L’esposizione, alternativamente ospitata a Hannover e Milano, è evento di riferimento per gli operatori dell’industria manifatturiera, nonché una delle esposizioni della macchina utensile più importanti al mondo. All’edizione di quest’anno hanno già aderito più di 1.500 imprese provenienti da 40 nazioni, ed echoRD porterà la sua intera offerta ripartita nei suoi tre marchi; echoENG (macchine per asportazione truciolo e lavorazione lamiera), echoLAB (strumenti e macchine per il laboratorio chimico e industriale) ed echoCONTROL (strumenti di misura e di controllo di processo).

Sarà anche l’occasione di presentare il nuovo marchio di echoRD; echoENG TOOLS, un’offerta pensata per le forniture industriali.

Come sempre, un team di specialisti di prodotto, sarà disponibile a incontrarvi per approfondire temi tecnici di vostro interesse presso il pad. 11 Stand G09.


echoRD will be present at EMO’s next edition which will be held from the 5th to 10th october 2015 in Milan.

the world machine tool exhibition, that occurs every two years in Hannover and Milan alternatively, is a point of reference for the operators of the manufacturing sector and one of the most important exhibition in the world. This year, more than 1,500 companies, coming from 40 countries, have already joined the exhibition.

echoRDwill bring to the exhibition its entire range, gathered in three brands: echoENG (machines for machining and sheet metal processing), EchoLAB (machine tools for chemical and industrial laboratory) and echoCONTROL (measuring instruments and process control).
It will be an opportunity to present the new echoRD’s brand; echoENG TOOLS, a designed offer for industrial supplies.

A team of echoRD’s laboratory technicians and product specialists, will be available to meet you and deepen technical topics at booth no. G07 in Hall 11.

echoRD obtains OHSAS 18001 certification

After ISO 9001 certification, echoRD has recently obtained OHSAS 18001 certification.

The Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) is an international standard that certifies the use and respect of international standards of management of Health and Safety at Work, ensuring the voluntary implementation of a model that allows proper control on these issues and establishing compliance with the law.

To be certified OHSAS 18001, is a commitment that echoRD assumes towards its employees and all those who collaborate and interact with the company, since it voluntarily conforms to a set of rules ranging from the control and protection of legal compliance in safety, monitoring of safety and health in the workplace through careful risk management ensuring a systematic and organized approach to emergencies arising from accidents.

A further step that echoRD does within the process of evolution and continuous improvement, and it demonstrates the company's commitment to the protection, safety and wellbeing of its employees, besides the increase of quality.

echoLAB at Cuba-Health 2015

In these days, echoLAB is present at SALUD PARA TODOS; the exhibition being held to La Habana – Cuba within Cuba-Health 2015.

The International Health Convention has reached at XIII edition, and there are 197 exhibitors from 30 countries, covering an area of 3837 sqm.

Inside the stand of its local distributor BDC, echoLAB exhibits two benches of its wide range of technical furniture.

The fair is an opportunity to promote to companies, laboratories, universities and toall players in Caribbean health sector area, the complete rangeEchoLAB instrumentation laboratory.