echoENG: il nuovo catalogo in Italiano... The new Italian release

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È disponibile l'edizione italiana del catalogo Macchine Utensili echoENG.
La pubblicazione (già ampliata lo scorso anno con nuovi modelli, e realizzata come tradizione in lingua inglese) è stata oggi aggiornata e tradotta per il mercato italiano, e presenta l’intera gamma di produzione di macchine per asportazione truciolo e per la lavorazione lamiera.
Nella veste grafica propria di echoENG, il catalogo mostra l’assortimento delle macchine disponibili, che include più di 300 modelli suddivisi in 16 sezioni:
-        Elettroerosione
-        Centri di lavoro
-        Fresatrici
-        Stozzatrici
-        Torni orizzontali e verticali
-        Trapani
-        Segatrici
-        Rettifiche
-        Limatrici
-        Affilatrici
-        Smerigliatrici
-        Presse piegatrici
-        Cesoie
-        Calandre e punzonatrici
-        Curvatrici per tubi e profilati
-        Forni
Il catalogo Macchine Utensili echoENG può essere richiesto scrivendo a
Is available the Italian edition of the echoENG Machine Tools catalogue.
The publication (already extended last year with new models, and published as tradition in English) has now been updated and translated for the Italian market, and presents the full range of production machines for machining and for sheet metal processing.
In the graphics of its echoENG, the catalog shows the range of machines available, which includes more than 300 models divided into 16 sections:
-        Electrical discharge
-        Machining centers
-        Milling machines
-        Slotting machines
-        Parallel and vertical lathes
-        Drilling machines
-        Bandsaws
-        Grinding machines
-        Shaping machine
-        Tool grinding machines
-        Bench-column grinding machines
-        Press brakes
-        Cutting shears
-        Roll bending machines and Hydraulic steel workers
-        Pipe and profile bending machines
-        Muffle furnaces
The echoENG Machine Tools catalogue can be request by writing to


ARABLAB 2015, Thank you for visiting our stand

Dear Sirs, 

Thank you for visiting our stand at the exhibition ARABLAB 2015.

It was a pleasure to meet you and introduce our products better. Thanks for your visit, the fair was a great success for our company.

We are always at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us for additional details or inquiries.

Our staff is always ready to give you assistance and more information.


echoRD will be present in ARABLAB organised between 23 – 26 March 2015 in Dubai.

ARABLAB is the the most important lab instrument exhibition in the Middle East, Africa, and Indian sub-continent.; in the last edition (2014) ARABLAB attracted more than 11,000 visitors of more than 100 countries.

At ARABLAB we will expose the instrumentation of the range echoLAB (Equipment and solution for chemical, metallurgical and phisical laboratories) and echoCONTROL (for Instrumentation Equipment for process controll, NDT and inspection), both dedicated to the laboratory world.

The echoLAB brand identifies tools and solutions for the chemical, metallurgical and physical laboratories (like as microscopes, hardness testers, machines for physical tests, equipment for sample preparation and technical furniture for the laboratory).

echoCONTROL is the brand that collect industrial laboratory instrumentation, process control, and NDT inspections.

Special attention will be pointed on the new echoLAB technical furniture, especially designed for laboratory: worktop benches of different materials, chemical fume hoods, technical walls and equipped work-modules. An offer specifically developed to meet all the requirements of multi-functional laboratory furniture and fully customizable in terms of layout and colours upon customer’s request.

A team of laboratory technicians and product specialists of echoRD, will be available to meet with you and deepen technical topics at booth no. 784 in Hall ARENA.

Visit our website  echoLAB and echoCONTROL to find the most suitable solutions for you and request catalogues of your interest.

The new echoLAB range of Laboratory Furniture

The new echoLAB range of Laboratory Furniture

Today, the current market requires flexibility. No longer supply of furniture, but complete solutions for instruments and lab equipment.

echoLAB is a product supplier, and partner to support you in the planning of your best solutions.

echoLAB has defined a real integrated system of technical furniture for the laboratory. Equipped workbenches, technical walls, suspended satellites, fume cupboards and a wide range of cabinets completed with fittings and electric utilities to meet our Customer needs.

To accompany this new business proposal, echoLAB has created a catalogue that presents the entire offer in detail. The publication is made of 7 chapters (152 pages) and has been realized (as is the tradition of echoRD), in the English language.

The echoLAB LABORATORY FURNITURE catalogue can be requested by writing to:

The echoLAB MICROSCOPES catalogue

echoRD published the MICROSCOPES catalog. The publication consists of 6 sections and has been realized (as is the tradition of echoRD), in the English language. It shows in detail the microscopes range under the echoLAB brand.


The echoLAB microscope range is as follows:

-       Biological Microscopes

-       Inverted Biological Microscopes

-       Material Science Upright Microscopes

-       Inverted material science Microscopes

-       Stereo Microscopes

-       echoCAM Series Cameras

Our offer is completed with echoIMAGE microscope processing software and Metallurgical Image Analyzing System echoMET.

echoIMAGE is a professional microscope image processing software. All available cameras are fully supported. The user interface can carry out capture, real-time image transmission, editing and measure.

This software supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8 (32 or 64 bit).

echoMET, in combination with metallographic microscope represents the most advanced intelligent analysis technology. Accurate measuring and results are in according with major international standard such as ASTM and ISO. This user-frendly system includes over than 70 metallographic examination modules.

The echoLAB MICROSCOPES catalogue can be requested by writing to: