Industrial Shelving

1- Industrial Shelving


Our shelves are especially suitable for the construction of rational static (both traditional or driven-in) and dynamical warehouses (mobile base systems, gravity, with LIFO or FIFO logic and the new cart push back with FIFO logic in counterslope), very flexible both as concerns the materials to be stored and the handling means.
Our studies and our experience allow us to offer our customer tailor-made solutions, thanks to the various accessories available.
Our products can guarantee:
  • Easy construction: the shelving is obtaining by assembling the self locking base plates, sides and braces. Each side is composed of two uprights connected by diagonal bolted traverses. Each upright is fitted with a foot at the base that allows its leveling with the insertion of shims, and the fixing to the ground of the whole structure. The stringers are made of a coupled profile, which minimizes the weight/stress ratio.
  • Total safety: all the components are rated for the maximum stability, resistance and stiffness, also thanks to a special locking system between the stringer and the upright. 
    This type of locking, developed after attentive studies and manufactured very accurately, avoids the stringer rotation to be transmitted to the upright.
  • Easy assembly
  • Possibility of adjustments: the reduced pitch of the boring on the uprights allows to use all the available height to the best.
  • Modularity: the shelving can be adapted to ever-changing storing requirements.
  • Low cost: the use of profiles with a suitable section and certified steels allows the best exploitation and a reduction of costs.
Surface treatment: the stringers are painted Ochre Yellow, Gray RAL 7001 or Blue RAL 501, whereas the sides can be painted or Sendzimi galvanized.
All the elements are manufactured with high quality, high resistance certified steels and they are calculated according to the current standards and regulation.
The stress safety coefficient is never below 1.5.
We reserve the right to make changes without notice.