Shelving on mobile bases

2- Shelving on mobile bases


The compactable system is composed of shelves installed on mobile bases that run on rails on floor level. It allows a high density of storing. The access to the materials is possible through the opening of the working lane involved only, with the possibility of increasing the storing capacity of 80% or, with the same capacity, to reduce the space occupied of over 40%.
fifo logic gravity system
The gravity warehouse is composed of roller ways that ensure a regular inflow of goods. Once the goods are placed on pallets, they proceed by gravity on the sloping roller way towards the side opposite to the loading front, where they can be picked up continuously. The FIFO logic (first in first out) gravity warehouse ensure the automatic rotation of the materials, and it avoids their ageing, especially as concerns deteriorating products.
compact space
The COMPACT SPACE system is composed of shelves installed on mobile bases that run on rails. Their movement can be manual or electrical and they are suitable for the filing of any type of paper material, from a public library books to heavy ledgers; thanks to the full shoulders and the rear plates the books do not fall from a front to another. The system is conceived for the most varied uses, with picture holding frames, coat hangers, drawing drawers, glassware etc. Our system has got exclusive characteristics, conceived for a high safety, with an turnover and crashing preventing system, according to D.L. 626, and can ensure a high resistance and easy use. All the elements are made of high resistance certified quality steels and are calculated according to the current regulations.
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