Medium-Light Shelving

3- Medium-Light Shelving


Our production, in the medium-light sector, includes static shelving, such as MINI 36 and MINI 50, and dynamic shelving – COMPACT SPACE. Each of them has got peculiar characteristics that qualify them as a high quality product.
The MINI 36 shelving is composed of three basic elements:
  • upright transverse and shelf either full floored,
  • hook type or made of modular panels,
  • obtained by profiles and joints without bolts.
The loading capacity of the shelf varies from 80 to 400 kg (uniformly distributed load), with heights from 2000 to 7000 mm and depth from 300 to 800 mm. The reduced pitch of the boring on the uprights allows to use the best all the available height, thus meeting all the requirements.
The MINI 50 shelving is composed of three basic elements:
  • sides,
  • beams and shelves either full floored or modular, 
  • both inserted and disappearing in the beams.
The sides are composed of two steel section uprights with ten edges to increase their stability and are connected by cross and diagonal pieces, to form a special latticeworks.
The beans contain the shelves, either full floored or modular. Their special form, besides stiffening the structure, also have the task of increasing the loading capacity of the shelves, which varies from 100 to 350 kg (uniformly distributed load), with height from 2000 to 7500 mm and depth from 300 to 800 mm (other dimensions can be supplied on request). The boring pitch of the uprights is 30 mm.
Both types can be used to make loft type or gangway type shelves, for the manual picking and storing for the goods. There is also a wide range of accessories which make our structures both flexible and fully functional. The material can be Sendzimir galvanized or it can be painted Grey RAL 7035 or Blue RAL 5010. All the elements are made of high resistance certified quality steels and are calculated according to the current regulations.
We reserve the right to make changes without notice.